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Hail Damage Prevention

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

By: Dalton Dubetz

Southern Alberta summer is in full swing and homeowners are prepared.

Whether it be setting up a backyard pool, planting a fresh garden, or just power washing the deck, Albertans have prepared for the sun.

The excitement of being ready for summer fun can unfortunately distract from the fact that it is also hail season, leaving homeowners ready for backyard parties, but not a damaging storm.

So what can you as a homeowner do to minimize and possibly even prevent costly damage in the event of a hailstorm?

Cleaning out your eavestroughs on a regular basis will help to minimize the chance that an ice dam, which can tear off eavestroughs, loosen shingles, and even allow water into your home; will form.

Along with maintaining clean eavestroughs, removing the weaker branches from trees near your home will help to decrease the chances that one breaks off during a storm and damages your home.

While outside trimming branches, it is important to bring in any outside furniture and décor not only to protect it, but also to limit the debris that can be blown around.

Inside, closing blinds and drapes can be helpful to minimize the damage if a window is to break during a storm.

In the event of a power outage, it is highly recommended to unplug any electronics or appliances to prevent a surge when power returns.

After the storm, when it is safe to do so, homeowners should document ANY and ALL damage as well as note the date and time of the storm with a description of the storm and any damage caused for yourself and your insurance provider.

After contacting your insurance provider, make sure to reach out to Shield Roofing and Exteriors for a FREE inspection.

Finally, it is important to keep records and receipts for all repairs and work done to your home.

Following these steps will help to minimize the damage to your home if a hailstorm is to occur, meaning you can get back to enjoying summer sooner.

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