Frequently asked questions

My Home Was Hit By Hail. What Do I Do?

After the storm, when it is safe to do so, carefully walk around your property trying to identify damages from the ground level. Inspect the windows, siding, vehicles, etc. If you notice damage to vehicles, chances are there is damage to your roof as well. Once you have walked around documenting the damages, you can call your insurance company to open a claim. If you are un sure if the damages are worth opening a claim, you can also contact a local company to come out and assess the damages as well, and they will be able to advise on whether opening a claim is something you should move forward with.

Why Is My Insurance Company Estimate So Different From What You Gave Me?

During large hail storms, all contractors and insurance companies should be using the same estimating software which regulates the pricing for repairs. This means if you notice a large difference in price, then it is likely damages were missed or misquoted on. We at SHIELD pride ourselves in accurate and in depth inspections and estimates so insure that you are getting the fair settlement you deserve.

How Should I Choose My Contractor?

We know you have lots of options, and likely a lot of people coming to your door trying to sell you their services. In large hail storm environments, a lot of people will come in from out of province looking to make a quick buck. The issue with these contractors is that they don't have an office, and once all the work is completed, they will not be around in case of any warranty work due to their installs. You want to look for credible companies that have been in business for an extended period of time, that way you know if you have any issues, the phone number they supplied you with will get picked up. Any company that tries to get you to sign anything before supplying you with an estimate is bad practice and you should not be signing anything until you have agreed upon the work to be completed and are ready to move forward with repairs.

Do I Need To Use My Insurance Companies Preferred Contractor?

No, at the end of the day, the choice of who you want to complete repairs to your home is up to you. Choosing your own you contractor has benefits such as they work directly for you. When you use a preferred contractor, it is likely they are going to come in and do the work the insurance company has laid out. SHIELD makes sure that the job is done right and strive to make you the customer satisfied with the repairs. We offer options that will increase the value of your home as well!

Should I Wait To Have Repairs Completed To My Home?

The decision is up to you, however we would recommend against it. If you are able to get a contractor to complete repairs to your home before winter, that is highly recommended. Hail damage to your roof can allow water penetration into your home, and with the freeze/thaw cycles we get in Alberta, there is potential for further damage to the interior of your home if you have water coming in. Aspects such as eavestroughing is safer to wait, as the damage is mainly cosmetic and doesn't effect the integrity of your home as much as other aspects such as roofing.