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Best Installs For Roofing, Siding & Eavestrough


Asphalt Shingles ($)
Asphalt shingles are the most common and popular type of shingle. The Laminated Architectural shingle gives a textured effect to the shingle. As an upgrade you can look at Class 4 Impact Resistant shingles that share the same look, but utilizes SBS compound to help the impact caused from hail storms. 

Metal Roofing ($$)
Metal roof can range in price depending on the thickness and gauge of the metal you are wanting to install. 

Rubber Roofing ($$$)
These very durable shingles are made from recycled rubber and are meant to last 50+ years! You can get them in multiple styles and colors that look beautiful and provide top tier protection from what mother nature throws at us in Alberta.

Roofing Installers
Roofing Install
Roofing Install
Vinyl Siding Install
James Hardie Board Siding Install


Vinyl Siding ($)
Vinyl siding is the most common, popular & cost effective type of siding, which has low maintenance value.

Fibre Cement / Wood Composite Siding ($$)
James Hardie Fibre Cement & Ecoside Wood Composite siding are very similar in price. They provide a beautiful look for your home and add R-value over vinyl options.

Stucco ($$$)
Stucco is a timeless option that provides a classic, professional, clean look. Stucco provides longevity, durability and provides energy efficiency.

Soft Metals


Eavestrough sit at the edge of your roof to collect rainwater. They divert rainwater away from the roof’s edge to protect your home’s foundation. By channeling water away from your home’s base, eavestroughs protect your house from erosion, and prevent leaks. The rainwater is fed via a downspout where is it discharged or collected into a rain barrel.


Can be aluminum or wood composite material. Fascia goes behind the eavestrough and up the rake of your home.


Typically you will notice soffits are made from aluminum, but for an upgrade you can also use wood composite, or if you really want to make a statement, look no further than the Longboard product!


Wrapping your window/door frames or posts in aluminum to create a maintenance free product. Yes, that means no more painting every couples of years!

Soffit Install
Window Cladding


Picture windows are best in areas where airflow is not important. Picture windows are often installed high on walls and hallways, providing excellent lighting.

Casement and Awning windows will open outward using a crank, allowing light and air into the building. This type of window, when closed, creates a tight seal for better energy efficiency and reduced electricity costs. 

Slider windows are a good choice when you want a wider window, similar to a picture window, that can be opened to allow airflow.

Single & Double Hung
A single hung window has one movable sash and one fixed sash. Both sashes are movable in a double hung window and slide over one another.

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