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Shield Roofing and Exteriors

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Intro to Shield Roofing and Exteriors

Southern Alberta is home of the Calgary Stampede and Hailstorm Alley, the name given to the area of southern and central Alberta stretching from High River in the south to Whitecourt in the north.

For the last ten years Alberta has accounted for roughly 76 percent of hail related insurance claims in Canada, and in the last three years that number has risen to about 84 percent of hail related insurance claims nation-wide.

hail, measuring hail

The icy and dry weather systems coming off of the nearby mountains paired with low temperature/high moisture weather from the south create a perfect storm for hail to thrive.

The change in weather is not the only reason for the increase in hail related insurance claims; however, as suburban expansion has placed a larger number of people in the ‘damage path’.

That is where Shield Roofing and Exteriors comes in.

Owned and operated by homeowners, we understand that these storms are stressful and worrisome for you and your home.

That is why we believe in placing the home and its owner at the forefront of our process.

Treating your home as our own starts with our free inspection, where our inspectors will spend the extra time with you and your home to ensure they do not miss a thing.

This extra care more often than not leads to you not being short changed on your claim, which leads to a more thorough repair being done on your home and less stress for you.

After inspection

Our incredible sales team works directly with you to ensure your home is repaired with the highest quality materials of your choosing, meaning a longer lasting improvement for your home.

Shield will be by your side throughout the entire process of repairing your home, whether that means a last minute change or assistance in tackling unexpected situations.

Offering a lifetime warranty on all of our services means our job is not finished until you and our award winning customer service team are both satisfied with a final inspection of the finished product.

Treating your home as our own has resulted in over 20 years of quality improvements and satisfied homeowners, and will be the reason we are still here in another 20 years.

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